"Thank you for sharing the Legal Shield and ID Shield program with my wife and I.
We both have had wills, health care power of attorney, and declaration of a desire for a natural death paperwork completed and executed at no additional cost. My brother had this done 2 months before I joined Legal Shield and cost him over $400 for himself. With Id Shield, I receive a monthly update on our credit monitoring, to insure there is no unauthorized activity. It gives us great peace of mind to have Legal Shield and ID shield."

"I have been a member of Legal Shield for quite a few years. Darrell made it easy to do business with him and is always available to answer questions. Within a few months of becoming a member of Legal Shield I used it for a small legal matter, which saved me several thousand dollars."

"Darrell is a passionate advocate for his clients and a terrific and erudite spokesman for LegalShield and IDShield. Although I have a legal background, I have both LegalShield and IDShield policies because I know that it’s always better to let an expert in a given legal area represent you. Special skills and expertise in a specific field is the best way to protect yourself and your family."